How to Unblock BBC iPlayer with a VPN. A virtual private network, commonly known as VPN, is a tool that can hide your online location.It reroutes your internet traffic to another network of your choice, then gives you a new IP address from the region that you selected. This will trick web hosts to think that you are within their broadcasting range, which gives you access to their material.

We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. You can change your ad preferences anytime. BBC iPlayer 3 coming to PS3 this year - VG247 2010-6-22 · The BBC has said that the upgraded version of its iPlayer will hit PS3 soon.Speaking to TechRadar at the Facebook Developer Garage in London, BBC’s Simon Cross said that the console’s iPlayer BBC iPlayer 'made for TV' launches on PS3 - Digital Spy The BBC launches a version of BBC iPlayer on the PS3 that offers a "complete connected TV experience". By Andrew Laughlin. 08/08/2011 The BBC has today launched a new version of BBC iPlayer …

Solved: Iplayer doesn't work on my PS3 or BDP-S370 - Sony

The MythNetvision BBC iPlayer grabber ( "bigscreen" - Displays a web page that supports game consoles like the Wii and PS3. The video window is the

2020-1-8 · In September 2009, the BBC upgraded the PS3 iPlayer to provide H.264 playback and full screen content. Future plans for the PS3 iPlayer include features from iPlayer V3 scheduled for late 2010. [106] On 8 August 2011, the application was updated and now includes access to BBC HD, however most content remains unavailable to PS3 users due to DRM

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