Every millennial cannot be as tech savvy as they say they are. And to my surprise, this is absolutely true. There’s a reason that the internet is dripping with endless articles on “ how to become tech savvy in 9 easy steps ” and “ why you can and should become tech savvy.” But many may be relieved to find that Millennials aren’t as tech savvy as everyone may like to believe.

I am not tech-savvy. I am not fascinated by Smartphones, tablets, ultrabooks or any of gadgets. I just admire my pop-up toaster, my electric kettle, heater etc that serve my basic needs. Do not start telling me that I am in wrong profession. I do like to make things work and I am doing my work fantastically. I'm not sure tech savvy is the right term, but I'll use it too. Essentially though, what OS is easier than tapping an app, pressing the home button. Tapping the app, pressing the home button. No menus, no real options except what's provided in the app itself. Tech savvy people are able to use the apps to their fullest. 2 days ago · Dedicated gamers do not tolerate inauthenticity, says David Schulman, who heads Greenberg Traurig’s video game and esports group, adding, “If [an artist] gets pwned” — gamer-speak for Not tech savvy So today I was playing Portal 2 on Windows 10 and when I was done I went to the title screen, but for some reason the buttons weren’t working, including exit. I just help down the off button until it turned off, I haven’t turned it back on.

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Sep 23, 2019 · When we talk about tech-savvy customers – we know about them more than ever. Ironically, technology is the reason why we now can make such in-depth research on the tech-savvy audience. So read on to understand the ins and outs of this process and learn how you can build a customer acquisition strategy to this target audience on board. Jul 25, 2020 · Not only does it offer topnotch security features, luxury amenities and well-balanced life, it also suits a tech-driven homeowner. It is Wi-Fi ready and USB ports in all the bedrooms.

The saying “I am not tech-savvy”, is no longer an excuse. From now on, any business that you are in, you must also be a tech business as well. It is IMPOSSIBLE to compete in the digital age without learning the new tools of the trade. As the children with more access to computers gain more comfort in using them, the less tech-savvy students get pushed aside.